Who do I contact for questions or concerns?
Contact our office at 789-7900 with any questions or concerns.

Who do I contact on enforcement issues?
Contact our office at 789-7900 or email violations@rancheshoa.com with any enforcement issues.

What do my dues cover?
Your HOA assessment goes to fund the operation of the HOA, maintain the landscaping, and to new improvement projects like the Bike Park. For detailed information on where your assessment goes please review our current HOA budget.

Can I get a copy of the budget or financial statements?
Any homeowner is welcome to have a copy of financial documents for the homeowner’s association. Please contact our office at 789-7900.

Who do I contact about broken streetlights?
Eagle Mountain City Utility Department at 789-6666

Who is responsible to plow the roads when it snows?
Eagle Mountain City is responsible for plowing the roads. If you have any comments or concerns you may call the city’s main office at 789-6666

What type of fencing do I need to install and what color do I stain it?
All fencing must follow The Ranches Design Guidelines and be approved by The Ranches Homeowner’s Association. Please submit a simple drawing to The Ranches Community Management for approval. The color of the stain that is required is Monterey Gray. Please go to the Documents link, then Fencing Guidelines for more information.

What rules am I required to follow?
Please read and become familiar with the General Rules which can be found in the Document section of this website. If you are still unsure, please contact the management office at 789-7900.

Can I pay my Dues Online?
Yes. Paying your dues is as easy as a click of a mouse. Instructions for paying online via credit card or e-check as well as how to set up automatic payment can be found here. ( You can only pay The Ranches HOA online)